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Dear ​Fellow ​Soccer ​Aficionados: 


Invitation ​to ​2019 ​STAND ​for ​Ubuntu ​Soccer ​Tournament 


It ​is ​with ​great ​pleasure ​Strategies ​to ​Advance ​and ​Network ​Deaf ​Africans ​for ​Ubuntu, ​Inc. ​(aka ​STAND ​for ​Ubuntu, ​Inc.), ​a ​501 ​(c) ​(3) ​organization, ​informs ​you ​about ​the ​inaugural ​Ubuntu ​Cup ​2019 ​to ​hold ​at ​Maryland ​SoccerPlex ​in ​Germantown, ​MD ​on ​June ​14-16, ​2019. 
The ​Ubuntu ​Cup ​2019 ​is ​the ​first ​edition ​of ​a ​biennial ​7-a-side ​soccer ​tournament ​which ​will ​aid ​the ​charitable ​efforts ​of ​STAND ​for ​Ubuntu, ​Inc. ​in ​supporting ​Deaf ​populations ​all ​over ​Africa. 
We ​are ​proud ​to ​say ​that ​our ​Ubuntu ​Cup ​will ​be ​unique, ​one ​of ​a ​kind, ​as ​it ​will ​give ​players ​and ​superstars ​a ​stage ​to ​live ​their ​dreams ​while ​contributing ​to ​the ​advancement ​of ​Deaf ​people ​in ​Africa. 
We ​are ​honored ​to ​invite ​you ​to ​this ​arena, ​SoccerPlex, ​one ​of ​the ​best ​in ​the ​state ​of ​Maryland. ​A ​safe ​environment ​with ​21 ​natural ​grass ​fields, ​3 ​artificial ​turf ​fields ​and ​8 ​indoor ​arenas, ​where ​you ​can ​showcase ​your ​skills. ​ 
On ​this ​fine ​platform, ​some ​of ​the ​strongest ​and ​best ​soccer ​teams ​in ​the ​DC ​Metro ​area ​and ​teams ​from ​as ​far ​afield ​as ​New ​York, ​Chicago, ​Pennsylvania ​and ​many ​more ​will ​entertain ​you. ​ 
Summary ​of ​the ​Ubuntu ​Cup: 

  • A ​minimum ​of ​16 ​and ​a ​maximum ​of ​32 ​teams ​from ​all ​over

  • For ​players ​18 ​and ​over ​(born ​before ​June ​11, ​2001)

  • 7-a-side, ​with ​12 ​players ​in ​each ​squad

  • $850.00 ​per ​team ​for ​registration; ​half ​non-refundable ​deposit ​payable ​on ​registration, the ​balance ​by ​June ​2, ​2019 ​(2 ​weeks ​prior ​to ​the ​tournament)

  • Trophies ​for ​1st, ​2nd ​and ​3rd ​placed ​teams

  • Excellent ​grass ​fields ​in ​a ​safe ​environment

  • Ethnic ​and ​American ​food ​and ​drink ​vendors

  • Support ​Deaf ​Africans ​through ​the ​activity ​you ​love: ​soccer 
    ​Memories ​for ​the ​rest ​of ​your ​life 

For ​more ​information: 
Email ​the ​Ubuntu ​Cup ​2019 ​Organizing ​Committee ​at ​; ​to ​learn ​more ​about ​STAND ​for ​Ubuntu, ​Inc., ​please ​visit ​; and to register for your team to participate in the 2019 Ubuntu Cup Soccer tournament, please click the following link here. ​ ​ 
Entries ​are ​open ​now; ​you ​can ​enter ​here ​at ​any ​time. ​Closing ​date ​is ​May ​15, ​2019. 
We ​look ​forward ​to ​welcoming ​you ​and ​your ​club ​to ​Maryland ​SoccerPlex ​for ​Ubuntu ​Cup ​in ​the ​summer ​of ​2019. 
Kojo ​Amissah, ​D.M. 
Ubuntu ​Cup ​Tournament ​Director

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